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  • Refuse and Recycling for 2021:
      • Due to the increased cost of recycling, there will not be a $10 fee per household increase for the year 2021. This will be listed on your yearly bill, that will mailed to residents mid February 2021.
      • Recycling will be picked up bi-weekly starting February 5, 2021 on Fridays along with trash.
      • Please separate your bins; do not combine items.

Eagle Disposal will be enforcing the following collection mandates in an effort to protect our frontline team members and as a result of having a limited workforce during this COVID-19 pandemic:

  • All trash must be bagged and tied. If you’re in a municipality that has a mobile cart, all bags must be placed inside your mobile cart. Loose items will be not be collected.
  • All recyclable materials must be placed inside your recycling container, including your flattened cardboard. Recyclable items left outside of your recycling container will not be collected.
  • We will enforce the bag and/ or cart limits as designated by your municipality. If you are over your limit, your trash will not be collected.
  • Bulk item collection resumed in May on your next regularly scheduled collection day.

Eagle Disposal takes great pride in being a trusted partner in the south central Pennsylvania community for the last 20 years. We appreciate your help, understanding, and patience as we all navigate these unprecedented times together.

Nationwide recycling agencies are having a problem with those who place items in plastic bags. Please, no hiding recyclables into any color of large or small plastic bags.

Recycling should be clean and loosely put in your cans/bins or even brown bags.

Let’s all be conscious of this in order to help our recycling agencies in keeping costs down.

Eagle Disposal of PA
1245 Eagles Way
East Earl,  PA 17519
Office 717-355-9560

Schedule for 2021 bulk pickups.

Monthly Bulk pick up.  1 item only. First Friday of every month, unless a holiday, then Saturday.


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