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Eagle Disposal Announcement

Effective January 1, 2019 there will be a new contract with Eagle Disposal.

Details are: Weekly curbside municipal waste and monthly bulk trash. Trash

pick up is INCREASING to 4 – 32 gal containers, or the equivalent of.

Monthly bulk trash will be the FIRST Friday of each month unless it’s a

holiday. Then it would be the next day, Saturday.

Definition of bulk is:  one (1) item per month. ACCEPTABLE are appliances,

furniture, plumbing fixtures, three (3) 4-foot rolls of carpet (tied).

UNACCEPTABLE materials are electronic waste (TVs), chemicals, stains, liquids,

batteries, automobile parts, hazardous waste, tires, tires on rims, commercial

and industrial waste, construction materials, mattresses and box springs.

UNACCEPTABLE items you must call Eagle for a special pick up where you pay

them directly.


Let’s all work together to keep your homes and the Borough clean.

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